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Kemelix D104™
Kemelix D104 delivers excellent demulsifier treater properties, making it a first choice ingredient for both light and heavy crude demulsifier formulations where importance is placed on the environmental profile of any production fluids.
Kemelix D104

Product details


  • Kemelix


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Other - Proprietary

Feature and benefits

  • New technology, patent pending
  • High performing finisher
  • Low pour point temperature
  • Improved environmental profile

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Oilfield


  • Demulsifiers
  • Non-emulsifiers


Property Units Value
Density at 20°C g cm⁻³ 1.06
Dynamic viscosity at 25°C mPa s Login
Flash point °C Login
pH Login
Pour point °C Login
RSN value Login

Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Kemelix D104

Kemelix D104 is a new, highly active chemistry to Croda suitable for destabilising water-in-oil emulsions, providing improved water quality and a cleaner interface.

Language: English | Size: 99.15kb

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