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CrodaDrill L10

Components of CrodaDrill L10 are expected to be biodegradable. CrodaDrill L10 has been formulated to provide superior stability in high density drilling fluids, such as those with high levels of calcium or potassium salts. CrodaDrill L10, part of the CrodaDrill range, is compatible with most conventional drilling fluid additives.
CrodaDrill L10
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Product details


  • Other


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Esters - Ester based

Feature and benefits

  • Non-toxic and components are expected to be biodegradable
  • Improved lubricity by reducing torque and drag leading to an increase in the rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Helps to prevent bit-balling and differential stuck pipe

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Oilfield


  • Drilling additives


Property Units Value
Active content % 100
Density at 25°C g cm⁻³ Login
Dynamic viscosity at 40°C mPa s Login
pH Login
Solubility % in water Dispersible
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