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REWITEC™ GR400 +5 +10
GR400+5 and +10 are a high-performance synthetic grease concentrates suitable for use in all types of bearings, including ball, roller and plain bearings or main, generator and pitch bearings in wind turbines. GR400+5 and +10 are concentrates designed to treat existing grease. If you wish to replace the grease in your bearing, please use REWITEC GR400. Contact us for further information
REWITEC GR400 +5 +10

Product details


  • Rewitec


  • Greases
  • Industrial gear oils


  • Other - Phyllosilicate

Feature and benefits

  • Reduction in friction in bearings
  • Prevention of pitting and grey staining
  • Decrease in temperature
  • Reduction in roughness of metal surfaces
  • Significant optimisation of primary material properties
  • Very good adhesion and water resistance

Physical form

  • Paste


  • Wind energy


  • Surface repair additives


Property Units Value
Density at 20°C g cm⁻³ 880
Dropping point °C Login
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