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Select from our recorded webinar presentations below and gain valuable technical insights from our team of experts. We cover topics including the development of new, innovative speciality additives, and present in-depth functional analysis of the chemistries we create and make to enable you to find the right solution for your application. 

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STLE 2021 - Thermal properties of group V base fluids for fast charge battery cooling applications

English 23 Jun 2021 | 30 mins

Bethan Warren discusses the interplay between the physical properties of immersion cooling fluids and overall cooling efficiency. She discusses what can be achieved when developing new oil-based immersion cooling fluids.


STLE 2021 - REWITEC highlight: Higher efficiency and lifetime improvement for gears, bearings and engines.

English 16 Jun 2021 | 30 mins

Stefan Bill, Managing Director, explains how REWITEC additive technology can be used to extend the lifetime of gears, bearings and engines in wind turbines, marine, automotive and general industry applications. He discusses bench-top test results, and shares indicative calculations to demonstrate the value-added benefit by using REWITEC technology.


STLE 2021 - Tribofilm formation and friction modification in engine oils

English 7 Jun 2021 | 30 mins

Dr David Gillespie discusses environmental drivers of engine oil development. He discusses how friction modifiers are essential to the development of very low viscosity formulations and demonstrates how the performance of MoDTC can be boosted by selecting the right polymeric friction modifier.


STLE 2021 - EALs for marine vessel stern tubes: not all esters are equal

English 1 Jun 2021 | 20 mins

Kevin Duncan takes us through the changes to marine vessel regulations and talks about how esters will play an important part when formulating new stern tube lubricants. The talk includes discussions around VGP and European Ecolabel regulations and how these are aligned to the European sustainable development goals.


Les fluides diélectriques à base d'esters

French 4 Mar 2021 | 38 mins

Une explication de l'intérêt des fluides diélectriques à base d'esters notamment pour une utilisation dans les véhicules électriques pour permettre le refroidissement de composants tels que la batterie.


Catalyst processing: using the fundamentals of dispersion and rheology to improve particle suspensions

English 24 Jan 2021 | 35 mins

Kapil Deshpande, Lead Applications Scientist with expertise in rheology and dispersion takes us through the fundamentals of rheology modifiers and dispersion additives. This is set in the context of catalyst processing. We demonstrate key improvements in viscosity and particle loading when using rheology and dispersants.


Potential uses for dielectric fluids in hybrid and electric vehicles

English 5 Aug 2020 | 60 mins

Bethan Warren, Lead Application Scientist at Croda Energy Technologies takes us through the importance of esters in developing next generation dielectric fluid formulations. She presents our latest data, demonstrating thermal and electrical performance of esters.


The effect of organic polymeric friction modifiers on tribofilm properties in HDDEO

English 15 Jul 2020 | 60 mins

Alexi and Jacob explore the role of friction modifiers in HDDEOs. They discuss how the technology is increasingly important for the application to meet new emission goals and present technical data demonstrating how polymeric friction modifiers can lower friction under high loads in HDDEO formulations.


Efficiency and lifetime improvement for gears and bearings with REWITEC™ surface technology

English 3 Jun 2020 | 45 mins

This webinar will explain the science behind the REWITEC product range and show the results of independent, third party testing. REWITEC is an innovative phyllosilicate-based nano- and micro-particle surface treatment technology. The active particles use lubricants as a carrier and build through adsorption a protective and repairing silicon-based coating in gears or bearings of the wind turbine. In this way it reduces friction, wear, surface roughness and temperature. These effects provide a longer lifetime and higher efficiency for wind turbines.


Découvrez la technologie des matériaux à changement de phase

French 30 Apr 2020 | 47 mins

Les matériaux à changement de phase sont des produits aux propriétés étonnantes. Capables de stocker et libérer de la chaleur à des températures précises, ils viennent apporter des solutions dans de nombreux domaines que ce soit en termes de performances ou en termes d’empreinte carbone. D’origine biosourcée, biodégradables et non toxiques, les CrodaTherm sont une technologie d’avenir sur le plan environnemental. Un concept durable pour des produits durables.


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